Nominating your racehorse for racing.

To be eligible for racing, the racehorses in your stable must be nominated. To do this is easy.
Please note that there will be a small gas fee to pay on your behalf to make your horse eligible for racing which is controlled by the Ethereum network and not ZED. To learn more about gas fees, there is a great database of knowledge here.

Step One

From your stable, click the horse you want to select for racing. You will first need to prepare your desired racehorse. Once you have successfully prepared your racehorse, its status will change to prepared.

Step Two

Once your transaction has been successfully transacted on the blockchain, your racehorse status will change to prepared.

Step Three

The final step in the process is to get your racehorse race-ready by simply pressing the race button. Doing so initiates MetaMask to pop up; complete the transaction in order to start racing! Then the status of your racehorse will display ready to race.